AT72 - Industrial Manufacturing Engineer

This course is an introduction to the concepts, principles, problems, and practices of production and operations management in both the manufacturing and service sectors of the economy. Emphasis is focused on preparing students to identify and apply appropriate management processes to ensure efficient and effective operations, while achieving operational excellence. Topics covered include: building competitive advantage, manufacturing & service operations, operations strategy, inventory management, forecasting, capacity and facilities, location,planning, scheduling,supply chain management, just-in-time & lean production, project management, and human resources in operations management. Various techniques and mathematical algorithms for solving traditional operations management problems will be explored.

To introduce the student to deterministic models which can facilitate decision making. Modeling concepts and applications of linear, integer, nonlinear, and dynamic programming as well as network models are addressed. Solution methodologies for each type of optimization models are discussed. The student will also learn how to use modeling and optimization softwares.