There is the need for evidence-based and informed decision making for policy formulation, and hence fundamental statistics is important to generate useful information to support decision making. This course 
  • introduces descriptive and inferential statistics applied to analysis of data from development studies, and
  • familiarize with key statistical concepts and acquire practical skills for understanding and conducting quantitative research in areas related to sustainable development.

Course objective:  As the natural resources are shrunken, global population is growing, and climate change is threatening our existence, achieving sustainable development needs new thinking. To harmonize human and nature for long-term co-existence and to address the socio-economic, political and cultural development in the region, it is important to have a broad-based understanding of development and sustainability. This course provides basic concepts related to development and sustainability especially in analyzing the situation in Asia. It equips students to have a sound basis to go further into their own specializations, by understanding the interlinkages of the frameworks and issues pertaining to development and sustainability.